Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gone Phshin': Illvibe Press Release

Gone Phshin’: Illvibe Collective welcomes DJ Phsh to the team

Illvibe Collective is a DJ/Production team from Philadelphia comprised of Statik aka Mr. Sonny James, Skipmode, Panek, Lil’ Dave, and Phillee Blunt. The collective has developed a global reputation for traditional DJing, taste-making, and production for over a decade with their unique blend of traditional hip-hop, funk, soul, samba, reggae, house, and electronic music.

Matthew Fishman Dickerson, better known as DJ Phsh (pronounced Fish) started rocking with Illvibe at the Arts Garage in 2007 when they were doing the Duplex party with Boombastics. Whether there were 300 people in the spot or 30, Phsh, then 18 years old played inspiring sets and impressed the crew with his knowledge of music new and old in multiple genres. It was somewhat of a training ground to mold the talented DJ that Phsh has developed into.

Since then Phsh has solidified himself as a staple in Philadelphia among the local dance community playing a wide range of tunes at The Gathering and with his Superdope! party weekly at the legendary Fluid Nightclub. He has been the DJ for Money Makin Jam Boys, Selena Carrera, TuPhace aka Mike Taylor, and Hezekiah.

Illvibe Collective recently released their debut album, All Together Now on Soulspazm/Fat Beats Records to wide critical acclaim. The crew are developing plans for the remainder of the year including an All Together Now Remix album, a follow up EP, a European tour, a series of mixtapes, and official remixes for other artists. Having Phsh on board to add his flavor to their up and coming endeavors will undoubtedly strengthen Illvibe’s foundation and help push their style in new directions.

DJ Phsh can be found at the following links.

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