Sunday, February 22, 2009

Leave It All in Philly


A Foreign Exchange performance in Philadelphia.

Phonte & Nicolay put out an instant classic LP back in 2004 entitled Connected and brought together the best of lyricism, song writing, and production from the US and The Netherlands. We supported that project to the utmost and now have to do the same with the current Leave It All Behind album. This one is more on the R&B tip than the previous project but it's just as soulful and provides a great listen. March 9th is the first live Philly performance of any of the songs they've released together. Lately, we've been getting shafted (pause) on most of the dope events that tour the East Coast but along with Two One Five Magazine, Fly Girrl, &, we bring you The Foreign Exchange Live Show.

Statik (ill!)

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