Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interesting Auditory Experience

So yesterday I was crackin away on some design work at the job but I was in more of a chill mood. Not into some hype ish so with my music I was staying away from the rock and the hip hop joints that I been listening to in the car. So i went in the opposite direction on some classic jazz with none other than the great John Coltrane ("The Best Of John Coltrane" to be specific). It put me in the right place of mind. It has its ups and downs and amazing arrangements. I always feel like I embark on a new journey when I go back to classic quality jazz. It tends to be an interesting listening experience each and every time, even with the albums I know well. You have to let it lead the way though so you really have to sit with it. If you are on some A.D.D. ish, you will never get it. In fact, if you are A.D.D. you should force yourself to listen because it will probably fix you. lol. So in saying all of this, I still have yet to tell you why I am writing this post...

Like I said, i was listening yesterday, at work so I was rockin my ear buds. Needless to say, I was getting a full stereo experience. And if you are familiar with how they mixed classic music and jazz specifically, you should know that the engineers maximized their advantage of the stereo spectrum, panning the instruments for the mix. So yesterday I experienced the collection of songs one way. TODAY, when I returned, I experienced it another. How? I haphazardly plugged my ear buds in my ears and realized that they were in opposite ears (apple ear buds are unlabeled and (pause) go both ways). To my delight, it was a rather happy mistake that made me experience the album in almost a full 180 degrees. crazy. Jazz music is truly one of kind, ALWAYS next level timeless ish. Thank you John Coltrane.

- Panek

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JROCK1203 said...

blue train & mr p.c. are my shit son
yo! whats up wit the illvibe gear?