Monday, November 3, 2008


This week, while you prepare to head to the polls to vote in Barack, also make sure do a couple of other things as well. One, pick up the Q-Tip Renaissance album tomorrow. Two, cop the new Mr. Lif single featuring me, Statik aka Mr. Sonny James on the hook. It's called Welcome To The World and is the 3rd single from the "I Heard It Today" LP being released on Inauguration Day. And Last, come out to check Mr. Lif, Metro, and myself in your city as we're rocking dates throughout Election Week.


Monday, Nov. 3 - Heirloom Arts Theatre
155 Main Street, Danbury, Connecticut

Tuesday, Nov. 4 - Knitting Factory
74 Leonard Street, New York, New York

Wednesday, Nov. 5 - Rock and Roll Hotel
1353 H Street Northeast, Washington DC, Washington DC

Thursday, Nov. 6 - Bedrock Baltimore
401 West Baltimore Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21201

One Love to Cosmo Baker for being the Vet he is and killing it at The BODYROCK on Halloween. We miss hearing him rock regularly at the Remedy, etc. He's a monster...

Finally, is there a need to speak on how important this election is to us all?
Folks, please do what makes sense at the Polls. 8 years of the government considering no interest of the people is enough, don't you think. There has to be a change in the White House. Responsibility needs to be had and progressive action taken in order to make things work for once. Clearly, Barack Obama has presented the better plan proving he's prepared for the duties involved. If you're digging Sarah Palin because she's cute, please get over it. If you think John McCain is the better choice because of all that Prisoner of War business, take a look at how many long lasting negative aspects he could have possibly taken away from that experience and tell me that won't affect his judgement in the White House.

Now please get out to vote tomorrow and call your friends to make sure they know where they are registered. We can't afford to have excuses on Wednesday morning. The future of our country, us, and our children ultimately depend on our ability to think critically and choose logically tomorrow.

Thanks and we hope to see you out this week at one of the Lif performances. The new album is crazy!



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OBAMA!!! BTW Check out McJAWN