Thursday, August 7, 2008

Philly's Old School

Here is a real find right here. It's a short BBC documentary talking about how hiphop is changing the English language. I love watching old school hiphop footage in movies like Style Wars, Wild Style, and others. The problem is that all of those take place in New York, but this is actually in Philly. The Scanner Boys, Parry P, 52nd Street when it was nice, old Septa Trolleys... classic material! Shout out to Kelly for this.


clintonproduced said...

He said "When we recognize the enormous contributions that blacks have made to English, we see again that major changes don't happen because of educators and writers".

Is that subtle racism? The implication is that blacks are inherently not educators and writers.

Damn son.

Statik (ill!) said...

yeah i noticed that too. what caught ME off guard was how they needed to have captions while the dudes were having a conversation as if they were speaking french or chinese. i guess it never occurred to me that "non-black" america was clueless then about what was being discussed at that moment.