Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Difference Now on FM Radio

Difference WEB

What's up folks?

What a bananas weekend in Philly. From the Ladies of Hip Hop Festivities to the Popped Festival, to Mojito and Sundae at the Bubble House, I had my fix and then some from Wednesday to Sunday.

Now we continue the fun as we bring our world famous Difference show to FM Radio. It's the first place on the dial which should make it easier to remember and you can access it best in West Philly and it's surrounding areas. We've been rocking new flavors for our dedicated listeners since 2003 and recently upgraded our Real Media stream to an enhanced podcast on iTunes in which you can now view the song details, artwork and web info for each artist/song played. You'll still be able to access our podcasts but for those of you fortunate enough to live in the Philadelphia area and can get WPEB on your radio, you can now enjoy an extended 3 hour version of the live show with the illvibe Collective and guests. Stay tuned in as we bring things to a new level.



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